Entrée Crateva
Partie du discours nom
Explications en anglais Pantropical genus with 10 species; 4 to 6 endemic Malagasy subspecies. Crateva is distributed in humid evergreen forest, as well as dry deciduous forest from sea level to 1,500 m elevation. It can be recognized by its large flowers with free sepals and distinctly clawed petals much longer than the sepals, and large, fleshy to woody, globose to ellipsoid fruits. [Schatz: Flora]
 Crateva excelsa : alakamisy, ampody, ampoly, hazomalany, mafanankelika, matahotrantsy, teloravy, tohibarinasity, tongotrakoho, voampoana
Crateva greveana : boramena, hazoampasy, keleoñy, kelihony, keliony, kipipika, manarotoloho, mangilakelika, mangily, salobe, teloravy, tongotrakoho, tsilehibeko
Crateva obovata : vodiaomby, vodiomby
Analogues  alakamisy

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