Entrée afetaka (fetaka)
Partie du discours verbe passif
Explications en malgache Atao mipetaka, miraikitra [1.1]
Explications en anglais Used of that which is made to adhere to something else, as mud thrown on a floor. [1.2]
Présent : afetaka, afetako, afetakao, afetany, afetatsika, afetakay, afetakareo, afetakan', afetakan-, afetakam-
Passé : nafetaka, nafetako, nafetakao, nafetany, nafetatsika, nafetakay, nafetakareo, nafetakan', nafetakan-, nafetakam-
Futur : hafetaka, hafetako, hafetakao, hafetany, hafetatsika, hafetakay, hafetakareo, hafetakan', hafetakan-, hafetakam-
Impératif : afetaho


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