Entrée afonja (fonja)
Partie du discours verbe passif
Explications en anglais Used of that which is employed to bind anything or keep anything in check. (Prov.) [1.2]
Présent afonja, afonjako, afonjanao, afonjany, afonjantsika, afonjanay, afonjanareo, afonjan', afonjan-, afonjam-
Passé nafonja, nafonjako, nafonjanao, nafonjany, nafonjantsika, nafonjanay, nafonjanareo, nafonjan', nafonjan-, nafonjam-
Futur hafonja, hafonjako, hafonjanao, hafonjany, hafonjantsika, hafonjanay, hafonjanareo, hafonjan', hafonjan-, hafonjam-
Impératif afonjao


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