Entrée -ntsika
Partie du discours pronom [liste complète]
Explications en malgache Mpisolo anarana misolo olona fanao tovana entin'ny olona maro milaza zavatra iombonany amin'ny olona iresahany: Ity ny tranontsika, anaka, ka mandrosoa. / Atao ahoana ireto zanantsika, Rasoa? [1.1]
Explications en anglais Ours; by us, inclusive of those spoken to. Compare -nay.
¶ When added to passive and relative verbs ending in -na, the a of the verb is rejected and the two n's coalesce.Raintsika [ray, a father]. Our father.Lazaintsika [lazaina]. Told by us.
¶ When added to trisyllabic words ending in -ka or -tra, the full suffix -ka or -tra is rejected and also the n of the pronoun. Satrotsika [satroka, a hat]. Our hat. Tongotsika [tongotra, a foot]. Our feet. [1.2]
 Ours; by us (inclusive) [1.7]
Explications en français Notre, nos, de nous, par nous. Ny lovantsika: notre héritage. Matintsika: tué par nous. Ambanintsika: au-dessous de nous. [1.3]
 De nous, par nous (inclusif). Notre, nos [...] [texte complet dans 1.5]
 À nous, notre, par nous (inclusif). [1.8]
Analogues  -tsika
  isika ~ antsika
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Anagrammes kantsy

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