Entrée tefena (tefy)
Partie du discours verbe passif
Explications en malgache (metaly) Amboarina: Notefen' iza iny firavakao iny
¶ Asiana (totohondry): Notefeko ny totohondry ny anao iahy ka nitsirara [1.1]
Explications en anglais to be shaped (of clay); to be forged (of iron); to be made up with intent to deceive [1.7]
Explications en français qu'on façonne d'argile; qu'on forge; qu'on invente pour tromper les gens [1.8]
Présent tefena, tefeko, tefenao, tefeny, tefentsika, tefenay, tefenareo, tefen', tefen-, tefem-, tefe-
Passé notefena, notefeko, notefenao, notefeny, notefentsika, notefenay, notefenareo, notefen', notefen-, notefem-, notefe-
Futur hotefena, hotefeko, hotefenao, hotefeny, hotefentsika, hotefenay, hotefenareo, hotefen', hotefen-, hotefem-, hotefe-
Impératif tefeo


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